S scale vs o scale

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S scale vs o scale

On the real railroads as well as toy trains, Gauge refers to the distance between the outside rails of the track. Imagineering is the perfect pre-school age introduction to Lionel Trains!

See More. Lionel Ready-to-Play is a large sized train that's made to be affordable and easy-to-use for both kids and adults alike. The locomotives are battery-powered and made of durable plastic.

They're controlled with a simple handheld remote control and run on easy-to-connect plastic track. If you're looking for something that's affordable and you prefer the easy-to-handle large size, a battery-powered Ready-to-Play set is a good choice for your family.

These sets are highly detailed and perfect for children 4 and up. These sets run with a simple remote control that allows the train to go forward or backward as well as enable whistle and bell sounds.

Lionel HO products work will all HO gauge systems. With a track gauge of Lionel has manufactured HO trains several times in its history. Any O-Gauge car or locomotive can ride on Lionel O-Gauge track, as long as the curve track used on your layout can accommodate your particular cars see Minimum Curve section — this text should link to a modal of Gauge size.

Lionel O-Gauge sets are electric sets that are approximately scale and are what most people envision when the think about Lionel. What Is Gauge?As you get into deciding just what you want in the way of a model railroad, the question of scale comes up.

Perhaps you want one of the Garden Railroad scales or gauge or Well, what is scale and gauge for that matter? Briefly, scale is the ratio of the model to the real thing or 'prototype'. Ah, well, let's look at scale first. Scale implies that is it a scaled down version of the real thing. That makes it simple except that there have been some subtle changes in HO and it is now 3.

How about N scale? It is Let's just look at size. O is the larger of the traditional scales. Lionel is O27 for example and is not truly O scale. S is smaller than O and came from American Flyer. HO is the next size and has been referred to as Half O with N scale being about half of that. And then there is Z. Z is small, really, really smaaallll at The following photo will give a good visual comparison between two of the scales - O and HO.

As you can see from above, HO scale is about half of O scale. In fact, it is said that historically, the name "HO" was insipired by it being "Half O". Even though every linear measurement in O scale is about twice the same measurement in HO scale, remember that each measurement in a 3-D item in O scale is twice that in HO scale.

That is an important factor to remember when considering space requirements for each scale. The structures in this photo are virtually the same, only one is built in O scale and the other in HO scale.This is a list of scale model sizeslisting a variety of size ratios for scale models.

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Arii produced injection-molded kits in this scale of the very large Zentradi spacecraft from the science fiction anime series Macross. This scale has been used for fictional spacecraft for the board game Star Cruiseroriginally from Citadel Miniatures.

Star Trek toys and miniatures are available in this scale. Science fiction miniatures produced in this scale by Brigade Models for the board game Starmada and an established scale for Naval wargaming in Britain, e. A European size for naval wargaming ship models. Also a popular scale for large fictional spacecraft used in gaming, esp. Star Trek.

s scale vs o scale

A British and American size for naval wargaming ship models. Some science fiction miniatures in this scale.

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Valiant Enterprises produces its "Fighting Sail" line of "sailing men o'war" and related subjects in this scale. Scale used in Japan for plastic Naval models, waterline and full hull. Die cast ship models e. A British and American size for ship and harbour models.

Airfix used to produce in this scale. This is a scale used in Germany for pre-finished airliner models.

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Herpa and Hogan Wings produces several models in this scale. Common scale for architectural modelling. This is a scale used for some aircraft carrier models. This scale is also used for some pre-finished die cast airliner models. This was a standard size for ship models produced by Revell and Italeri but they have moved from it. This is the scale that most manufacturer chose to produce the largest series of waterline plastic model ships and submarines.

Full hull models are popular in that scale as well. Popular for ships, especially liners and capital ships. This is the traditional scale for comparative drawings of ships, used by the Royal Navy as it is about one-tenth of a nautical mile to the foot.Check out our. Want More Videos? Login or Register. Kato N scale Canadian National Transcontinental set. Combining a century of experience. Santiam Division of the Union Pacific Raiload.

Model Train Scales & Gauges

New Products. Model Railroader Calendar. Build Your First Layout. Current Issue. Model Railroader's Best of Scenery. Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide Learn the basics about the most common modeling scales used by model railroaders.

These differences are one of the things that make model trains so much fun because there are advantages to each size. Model and toy trains are classified according to scale and gauge. These big trains often operate outdoors on what are called garden railroads, though of course they can be run indoors, as well. These models are offered in a range of proportions, including But all of them operate on Gauge 1 track, which measures 45mm between the rails.

This gauge is used for both toy non-scale and model trains. Slightly smaller than O scale is S scale proportion. HO trains are small enough to allow a satisfying layout in a compact space, say a 4 x 8-foot sheet of plywood, while still being large enough to show great detail. No wonder HO railroading is the most popular of the scales, with more than two-thirds of modelers making it their choice.

s scale vs o scale

Smaller still is N scale. The track gauge is 9mm between the rails.Gauge refers to the distance between the outer rails. All O track has the same distance between the rails. In general use, O gauge refers to 3 rail model railroading made popular by Lionel. Three rail trains from various manufacturers, such as, Atlas, Lionel, MTH, Weaver, and Williams will operate on the O gauge 3 rail track of any manufacturer.

O Scale refers to trains that run on 2 rail O track. The term O Scale also is used to designate a commitment to scale size reproduction of real life in a scale of size, the ratio between the real world and the model. All buildings, people, locomotives, rolling stock, etc. Two rail and three rail modelers often attempt to keep their model railroads to scale size accuracy.

The term "scale" is used by anyone in O modeling to indicate a model that uses the ratio Lionel uses the term "Standard O" to refer to trains that are close to or actual O scale in size. Traditional sized O gauge 3 rail trains are often slightly smaller than scale sized models. They are sometimes termed O size. The traditional size operates on either O or O 3 rail track.

The term O comes from the track line introduced by Lionel that has a sharper radius than the original O gauge 3 rail track. O is lower in profile than O gauge 3 rail track. They can be identified by the color of the ties. O has brown ties and O gauge track has black ties. Some scale sized locomotives and rolling stock will not operate on O curves because they need a more gradual radius. Check the features of any locomotives or rolling stock you are thinking of purchasing to be sure it will operate on your model railroad.

If a locomotive is rated at O, it will work on any circle of 42 inches or more but not on O Unlike other scale modelers, O gauge modelers use diameter to indicate the curvature of a circle or turn, for example, O means a circle of 27 inches in diameter is produced when 8 pieces of track are put together. Have more questions? Submit a request. Article is closed for comments.S scale is often regarded as synonymous with the American Flyer brand of model railroad trains.

Once on the brink of extinction, S scale railroading has experienced a renaissance in the last two decades. One scale is another rare older scale. In model railroading " scale " refers to the relationship between the size of a model and its original prototype. The term "gauge" refers to the space between the rails of the train track. While beginners often use these terms interchangeably, American model railroaders usually refer to the "scale" they work in, while UK railway modelers will talk about their "gauge.

O Gauge versus S Gauge | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

It seems likely that the early UK models were unmotorized models for static display. During the mids Cleveland Models introduced scale model railroad trains in the United States. Today one running CM locomotive is still purported to exist. InA. Gilbert later the manufacturer of Erector Sets and other educational toys acquired The American Flyer Manufacturing Company established in Up until that time, American Flyer manufactured O scale model railroad trains.

After they were acquired by the A. Gilbert Company inthe brand name "American Flyer" was used on A. Gilbert continued to manufacture American Flyer S scale trains until Although A. These early trains used the O scale 1.

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This led to the introduction of O27 trains, though American Flyer never offered O27 products. But these trains established Gilbert as a pioneer of prototypically correct scale model railroading.

From the demise of A. Gilbert in through the s, S scale modeling declines; interest in S scale was probably kept alive initially by a small newsletter called the "S Gauge Herald. These organizations, and another small magazine called the "S Gaugian," provided the means for S gaugers to exchange information and keep abreast of the offerings of small S scale manufacturers like Kinsman, Miller Laboratories, and Enhorning.

s scale vs o scale

Most of the products were kits.Is it possible to raise a discussion of O Gauge versus S Gauge. As posted previously I'm planning on starting off my new train fascination with O Gauge, probablyhowever, after some research and some comments here I'm in a bit of a dither.

I'm not sure I have room for anything other than - maybe - and I would be limited on any scaleability and that doesn't leave many options. Consequently I've considered S Gauge which is smaller and would leave me some growing room for options, e.

When looking at truncated examples of the or limited GG-1 there seems to be a distortion. S - 2 rail looks better than 3RO ; 2 rail - can be a bit harder to wire in certain situations. Less stuff available not always bad When it comes to steam locos, there are indeed full-scale 3RO models available that will work and look pretty good on small curves:,- but if you want 's etc, not so much.

S Scale and S Gauge Model Railroad Trains

But, I have very specific steam loco "needs" that S generally does not satisfy. Otherwise, I like S a lot. Having been in O Scale and HO scale, O scale demands more then a 50 x 18 foot area for a decent layout.

O scale especially steam requires a minimum of 42 inch and in most cases 54 or wider. HO is great for getting a lot of stuff in a small area, but it is more difficult to work on as the eyes fade.

S is a compromise between the two scale, you get more trains in less space, but as noted above, not as much selection in engines.

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You can do scale S steam on 27 inch they measure in radius, not diameter. Nearly everything in S Scale is scale proportioned. Save for a couple Gilbert Cheapies. And American Models actually has a good selection with most things in stock. Another great misconception.

Again this depends on what size steam you would like to operate. Cab Forwards or Moguls. It also depends on the manufacturer of the locomotive. Steam locomotives without a one piece side rod, like most Lionel or MTH products, tend to handle smaller radius curves better. Lionel has been offering a rather eclectic selection of S in their American Flyer line and MTH has very, very slowly been releasing the former S Helper service line.

Both companies offer their proprietary electronics with DCC compatibility. Most other manufacturers are what used to be called "cottage industries" of dedicated S folks putting out various products.

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However, availability of S is the issue. Very few dealers carry S.


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